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write once and read forever

If there’s a way to protect your files from being distorted then digital archiving is the way to go. digital archiving entails putting your many files and documents into a Dropbox, google drive etc. since the beginning of 19th century organizations have been using digital archiving to digitize their documents and preserve them for future reference, hence you ‘write once and read forever’. Digital archiving is then the process of transforming paper into data. Paper isn’t going away anytime sooner and neither is filing, but digital archiving makes everything simpler. Filing that will go a week can actually be done in a few hours, how cool is that? You can actually save on a lot of time for other productive activities like for example going home early and avoiding the Nairobi traffic which is always a mess after 5 pm.

It’s actually easier to retrieve archived information because it can easily be found. Imagine your documents saved in Dropbox. Just by clicking and scrolling on the screen to retrieve is much easier than looking for files on a shelf. By converting files through digital archiving, it helps for long term preserver format. Paper tends to distort after a longer period of time loosing valuable information. It’s is easier to manage the retention period and disposition of files stored in computers compared to filing process, which is difficult to identify and get rid of unwanted files. It’s also much easier to monitor and determine the file format and the storage solution using a computer compared to sitting in an office arranging loads and loads of paper in order into files.

Advantages of digital archiving

A digital archiving solution will help you to manage your information better and will free yourself from business solutions, Indeed, where business solutions change quite often to adapt to the daily practice, archiving solutions will preserve your information outside these software applications.
Other advantages of digital archiving –

1.Easily search information and access it faster
2.Ensure integrity for legal value preservation and tax
3.Better manage retention periods and storage
4.Enable paperless offices and processes
6.Easily manage privacy data
7.Digital archiving will also free up office space that can be used for other purposes

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