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Difference Between Glossy Finish, Matte Finish and Satin Finish

Difference between glossy finish, matte finish, and satin finish

Corporate Brand I December 2021

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Glossy finish

It is shiny and reflects light. Printing with a glossy finish gives images a richer finish because of the light reflection. Glossy finish changes as it reflects light. The light reflection on the glossy makes it perfect for photographs and large images. Easily shows fingerprint marks that occur when handling. Writing ink on glossy paper can smear off easily and it takes longer to dry.


Matte finish

It is more natural and muted. Matte finish is good for images with an artistic appeal which gives a more relaxing and natural appeal. It is also good for black and white prints. It changes less and is easy to view in light. Writing ink on a matte finish dries fast because it absorbs ink.


Satin finish (Semi-gloss finish)

It is in the middle of a glossy finish and matte finish because it shines but not as much as the glossy finish neither is it as dull as the matte finish. Pictures printed on it are ok. It is also easy to view on light and does not easily show marks that occur when handling.


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