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Difference Between Narrow Base Banner & Broad Base Banner

Difference between Narrow based banner stand and Broad-based banner stand.

Corporate Brand I December 2021

Retractable banner stands are mostly used to showcase advertising messages in store fronts, lobbies or exhibition booths. They are easy to assemble and conveniently portable. They can be used even in the smallest of places because they come in different dimensions. With this stands the message can be changed by replaced the printed posters only with the same stand. The printed materials used are usually durable and weather proof for both indoor and outdoor displays. They come with tote bags in which they are stored when they are not in use.

Narrow based banner stands

The Narrow base stand is low cost, light weight and is easily assembled everywhere. It is stabilized by feet that are sturdy and are fixed on the ground to make it stable. Its advantage is its cost which is low and affordable.

Broad based banner stands

The Broad base stand has a solid aluminum base that is placed on ground to showcase the message. When it is being assembled the banner is retracted from the aluminum base and held onto a vertical support bar for display.

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