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Promotional Print Trends of 2022



22 JAN 2022

1. Branding of PPEs

 Personal protection equipment also known as PPEs are protective clothing helmets goggles or other garments or equipment designed to protect the wearer’s body from injury or infection. Commonly used in the manufacturing, mining, and health industries, over the last decade PPEs, have become a legal requirement but their uses do not have to stop at safety.  PPEs have also become a fantastic branding opportunity.

Initially, it came off as unnecessary, but recent years have shown the immense impact branding has on a company’s output and public image. For example, the Branding of employees’ apparel/uniforms doesn’t only just look organized, but it creates brand awareness. It offers a more professional image and helps the public identify who your people are and the company they’re from. When Customers see your employees doing their jobs well, they begin to identify this with the company for which they work which in turn creates a positive buzz for your business. Not to mention branded PPEs show the public that you take the safety of your employees seriously and this further serves to improve how the public sees you. Reputation is key when it comes to client attraction and retention.

2. Branding of situation-appropriate give-aways


We all know that there is an ongoing pandemic, and most industries have had to re-adjust how they do business, and this includes Promotional giveaways. Before the Pandemic companies gave away pens, caps, mugs, key chains, etc. all of which are still viable options. However, with the pandemic, more and more companies have seen the need to be more creative.

This is where the branding of masks and hand sanitizers comes in. By putting your logo or company name on hand sanitizer or face masks you paint your company as one that focuses on health and wellness as opposed to just making a profit, which serves to create a lasting impression. Not to mention the constant exposure of your brand to the public serves as marketing. There exist other items you can gift to customers to provide them with a sense of health and security such as first aid boxes, or branded sun-screen/ lotion bottles. However, you have to be careful to ensure that the giveaway item is easily portable to get the most out of the marketing portion.

3. Sustainable and re-usable products.

Going green is now more important than ever. Giving out branded items that show social responsibility is a welcomed and admired practice that boosts your company’s reputation and further cement your brand identity as one that cares.

Using products made with recycled and natural materials, as well as durable items, will show your brand’s support of the environmental conservation efforts being practiced globally while preparing you for when the world eventually becomes waste/plastic-free.  For example, giving out of canvas bags and stainless-steel mugs, as opposed to disposable fabrics and drinkware.

4. Use of Personalised images

Stock photos are a useful tool in marketing however with more and more businesses coming up it is important you find ways to stand out and this includes the images you use in your promotional prints such as On Fliers, pamphlets, brochures, etc. It is advisable to use images specifically designed to tell the company’s story, images that align with the message you are attempting to put out into the market.

So why is using personalized images so important?

With stock photos, you still have to follow licensing requirements. For instance, some photos can only be used for editorial use and not marketing purposes. This leaves you open to possible legal action against the company. Furthermore, there is no exclusivity with stock images, which means competitors could use the same images that you select. This affects efforts made by the company when attempting to create a distinguishable brand identity. Lastly, you never know the impression your potential client will have when they view the stock photo. This is why the use of personalized images is definitely a trend to look into in 2022.



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