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26 JAN 2022

Admittedly, when people think of letterheads, marketing is not the first thing that comes to mind. This is because for the longest time letterheads were used for verifying that a message shared was official legitimate and that was just about it. This has however changed with time as the need for innovation in regards to brand identity intensifies.

But let us begin with the Basics, what exactly is a letterhead? A letterhead refers to stationery printed or engraved on a piece of paper (usually in size A4) that includes the name, address and Logo of a company.

Marketing with letterheads

Marketing refers to the act of exposing your brand to your target clientele. Letterhead marketing on the other hand is the use of branded letters whose layout not only helps identify and locate a company but also represents the nature of the sender company.

1. Making your letterhead practical but eye-catching

Being practical does not have to mean giving up on the aesthetics of your letterhead.  In order to be a practical and functional document, it should include

  • The company name
  • The business logo
  • A phone number they can reach you with
  • An address (both physical and Postal where applicable)
  • A working email
  • Qr Code (Optional)-Usually directs clients to the company website.
  • Social media handles (Optional) – this largely depends on your target clientele, however. A younger demographic may appreciate the inclusion; however, if a larger percentage of your client base is in their senior years this information is unlikely to be prioritized.

When it comes to the letter’s aesthetics it is advisable to use company colours so as to build on your brand. However, when selecting the colours to use, legibility should always be considered. Yes, it is advisable to stick to brand colours, however, keep in mind how the ink used for the texts will work with said colours. For instance, if your company colours are dark, such as dark brown or dark blue, this would mean that information printed In dark ink such as the company information may not be as clear. One of the ways to counter this is by displaying company colours on sections of the letters that do not have any writing or choosing one muted colour as the prominent colour then using the other colours sparingly.

Also, remember that photocopies of your letterhead may be made, or the document may need to be faxed (yes some people still use fax machines). With this in mind, you want to pick colours and fonts that can still be readable even when copied. I.e. the text does not meld with the background.

Lastly consider the quality of paper used on your letterheads. The good quality paper gives off an impression of professionalism which will make potential clientele place more trust in your services.

2. Think Minimalist

Have you ever heard of the phrase less is more? When it comes to the inclusion of Graphics, images and watermarks on your letterhead you have to be careful. Try and keep in mind that the main purpose of the letter is still to communicate a message meant for the intended recipient. Other than your company logo try to keep other graphics or illustrations minimal to avoid drawing attention away from the main purpose of the letter. Furthermore, remember that letterheads may be used to share sensitive information with their recipient. The use of multiple graphics may come off as inconsiderate in such a case.

When it comes to your watermark you have to be careful not to make the colour too prominent that it drowns out the message, but it also cannot be so faint that it is difficult to see. You can test with samples to see what size and transparency levels work best for you.


3. Remember to be distinguishable

Researching and seeking inspiration from your competitors or the market, in general, is good practice when measuring the innovation and effectiveness of your own letterhead design. However, a well-designed letterhead should help your company stand out. In order to find your own unique look feel free to experiment with various design elements such as concepts, borders, patterns in order to come up with something that is unique to you.

Parting shot

Your letterhead can act as a great tool if one of your marketing goals is to improve brand awareness. However, this is only possible if you have the right design with special care taken to ensure your brand identity comes out in your layout and presentation. This is where Cadtech comes in. With years of experience in designing striking/ memorable letterheads, we can help you perfect yours and set you on the right journey.


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