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Is Web Banner Advertising Right for You? Let’s Find Out!

Is Web Banner Advertising Right for You? Let’s Find Out!

By Hellen Lubanga


Now that we have explored web banner ads, and are all caught up on what they are and how they work (Check out our previous blog posts in case you haven’t!), we can now address the question, “Is web banner advertising the right choice for me?”

Let’s start by dissecting the pros and cons surrounding web advertising to find out:-

  • The advantages of web banner advertising.

1. They are cost-efficient

Unlike traditional advertisement methods, you are more likely to get what you paid for with banner ads. This is because the cost of the ad directly correlates to the size of the banner. Simply put, the smaller the ad, the lower the charges, and the bigger the ad, the higher the charges. It is also important to note that some banner ad platforms charge using a ‘per click’ structure. An example of this, for every 1000 clicks, you can be charged 100 shillings. That way, you are only paying 100 shillings to be seen by 1000 potential customers.

Lastly, while strategizing, you have to remember that websites with high user traffic will cost more than websites that receive moderately lower views. Despite this, when compared to other forms of digital advertising such as televisions, you are more likely to receive a better return on your investment as a limited budget can still yield positive results.

2. Simple to understand

If designed well, it is very unlikely for something get lost in translation as a simple banner design would be understood fairly easily. It is important to work with a designer who can provide insight on what to include and not include concerning market trends, especially if you’re new to the marketing space.

3. They can be personalized to fit your target audience’s preferences.

Web banner ads are designed with your target audience in mind. They consider attributes beyond demographic factors such as age or gender and look into more personalized data such as past online searches, general responsiveness to ads, past purchasing records, etc. With this data at your disposal, you can come up with web banner ads customized to your target client’s exact advertisement preferences, which would result in improved click rates for your web banner ads.

4. You can run multiple ads concurrently

Not only can you design highly personalized ads, but you can also make multiple ads, each catered to your various consumer profiles, and display them concurrently on various sites with no overlap. For instance, if your product or service cuts across various age ranges, you have the option of designing an ad for your teenage consumers. You can then design other ads targeting your young adult demographic, your adult demographic, and your senior consumer demographic. This way, each ad can be run on the various websites and web pages likely to be used by each age group. This is far more effective than if you were to just use one advertisement to target all your potential clients.

5. Banner ads draw attention easily.

Unlike televisions and radios ads, which can be tuned out by focusing on something else, banner ads are displayed right next to the content the user searched for. This makes it far more likely to grab the attention of potential consumers as they are already looking for similar products and services, which makes them more likely to be drawn to and interact with your ad.

6. Internet advertising is more responsive to changing conditions.

Printed media has to be altered every time the marketing environment changes. This can take a significant amount of time as it means taking down your existing ad editing it and before having to begin the entire process of releasing the ad to the public once more. On the other hand, with web banner advertising, changes can be made instantly to align with the new or emerging trend with little to no effort.

7. Web banners can be displayed across various devices.

Web banner ads can be displayed on any device that has access to the internet, which opens up the market to a larger customer base, compared to television ads or print ads that are confined to the platforms they are shared on.

8. Banner ads are not constrained by time limits.

Unlike TV and radio ads that have to be aired at a certain time to be effective, or even physical flyers that have to be distributed at specific times, Web banners are at work 24/7. They are displayed as long as there are people online, which in reality, due to the nature of the internet, is round the clock.

  • Disadvantages of using web banner advertising

1. There is limited space to work with.

Web Banners come in specific pre-outlined sizes, meaning the area provided to deliver your content is limited. This narrows down the size and amount of content that you can include in your ad to the most important basics. You may have to make the decision of what to keep and what to exclude from your ads, which runs the risk of leaving out important information.

2. Web banner ads can be blocked.

Some consumers have pre-installed software on their devices that blocks any form of advertisement. This goes for web banners as well. If a user just happens to have ad block software installed, then this will block the scripting of your web banner ad, meaning that there are consumers who will never interact with your ad which would equate to fewer clicks

3. High competition for ad Space

Due to their flexibility and other benefits, you may find many of your competitors online vying for the same attention from the market. This means you have to be very intentional if you want your ad to stand out from those of your competitors. You need to find you niche in your industry market and make sure said niche is portrayed on your web banner.

4. Web banners are affected by rules and regulations.

Advertising policies can restrict the types of content depending on the industry. Industries such as those involved in gambling, legal services, alcoholic beverages, healthcare, or products targeted towards minors are governed by strict regulations. The Content on your web banner may be approved, but is filtered to be shown only to a limited audience. As a result, fewer people will see your advertisement, thus lowering the number of consumers likely to click on it.

 Final verdict:

Like most things, web banner ads have their shortcomings however, if properly utilized, the benefits far outweigh their limitations. Once you have made your decision and would like assistance with your banner design, we have experts on board here at Cadtech Services Limited ready to walk you through the design process.

Happy Advertising!


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