Increased work space efficiency, productivity and security

Feeling overwhelmed and you don’t know where to start?

“Our business has grown and accumulated lots of documents, we hardly have enough space.”

“Getting a customer’s document is no easy task within accumulated piles of documents.”

“We are really having a hard time tracking misplaced files.”

Don't Worry
We are here for you
~We will help you scan your documents and files and create an electronic archive.

~We will store everything you need securely in an easily and quickly accessible format

How we do it
~We pick up your documents for offsite scanning and transport to one of our secure scanning sites.

~We prepare your documents and files for high quality digitization. Incoming records of physical stock, remove all metals and prepare receipts for digitization to minimize loss of information.

~Our trained staff scan the documents in high quality resolution from small business cards to large format documents. OCR technology is used.

~After backlog scanning, you receive your data in a secure device with your approval.

~Original documents are then returned back or stored in a safe and secure place with your approval.