26 JAN 2022

Admittedly, when people think of letterheads, marketing is not the first thing that comes to mind. This is because for the longest time letterheads were used for verifying that a message shared was official legitimate and that was just about it. This has however changed with time as the need for innovation in regards to brand identity intensifies.

But let us begin with the Basics, what exactly is a letterhead? A letterhead refers to stationery printed or engraved on a piece of paper (usually in size A4) that includes the name, address and Logo of a company.

Marketing with letterheads

Marketing refers to the act of exposing your brand to your target clientele. Letterhead marketing on the other hand is the use of branded letters whose layout not only helps identify and locate a company but also represents the nature of the sender company.

1. Making your letterhead practical but eye-catching

Being practical does not have to mean giving up on the aesthetics of your letterhead.  In order to be a practical and functional document, it should include

  • The company name
  • The business logo
  • A phone number they can reach you with
  • An address (both physical and Postal where applicable)
  • A working email
  • Qr Code (Optional)-Usually directs clients to the company website.
  • Social media handles (Optional) – this largely depends on your target clientele, however. A younger demographic may appreciate the inclusion; however, if a larger percentage of your client base is in their senior years this information is unlikely to be prioritized.

When it comes to the letter’s aesthetics it is advisable to use company colours so as to build on your brand. However, when selecting the colours to use, legibility should always be considered. Yes, it is advisable to stick to brand colours, however, keep in mind how the ink used for the texts will work with said colours. For instance, if your company colours are dark, such as dark brown or dark blue, this would mean that information printed In dark ink such as the company information may not be as clear. One of the ways to counter this is by displaying company colours on sections of the letters that do not have any writing or choosing one muted colour as the prominent colour then using the other colours sparingly.

Also, remember that photocopies of your letterhead may be made, or the document may need to be faxed (yes some people still use fax machines). With this in mind, you want to pick colours and fonts that can still be readable even when copied. I.e. the text does not meld with the background.

Lastly consider the quality of paper used on your letterheads. The good quality paper gives off an impression of professionalism which will make potential clientele place more trust in your services.

2. Think Minimalist

Have you ever heard of the phrase less is more? When it comes to the inclusion of Graphics, images and watermarks on your letterhead you have to be careful. Try and keep in mind that the main purpose of the letter is still to communicate a message meant for the intended recipient. Other than your company logo try to keep other graphics or illustrations minimal to avoid drawing attention away from the main purpose of the letter. Furthermore, remember that letterheads may be used to share sensitive information with their recipient. The use of multiple graphics may come off as inconsiderate in such a case.

When it comes to your watermark you have to be careful not to make the colour too prominent that it drowns out the message, but it also cannot be so faint that it is difficult to see. You can test with samples to see what size and transparency levels work best for you.


3. Remember to be distinguishable

Researching and seeking inspiration from your competitors or the market, in general, is good practice when measuring the innovation and effectiveness of your own letterhead design. However, a well-designed letterhead should help your company stand out. In order to find your own unique look feel free to experiment with various design elements such as concepts, borders, patterns in order to come up with something that is unique to you.

Parting shot

Your letterhead can act as a great tool if one of your marketing goals is to improve brand awareness. However, this is only possible if you have the right design with special care taken to ensure your brand identity comes out in your layout and presentation. This is where Cadtech comes in. With years of experience in designing striking/ memorable letterheads, we can help you perfect yours and set you on the right journey.


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Promotional Print Trends of 2022



22 JAN 2022

1. Branding of PPEs

 Personal protection equipment also known as PPEs are protective clothing helmets goggles or other garments or equipment designed to protect the wearer’s body from injury or infection. Commonly used in the manufacturing, mining, and health industries, over the last decade PPEs, have become a legal requirement but their uses do not have to stop at safety.  PPEs have also become a fantastic branding opportunity.

Initially, it came off as unnecessary, but recent years have shown the immense impact branding has on a company’s output and public image. For example, the Branding of employees’ apparel/uniforms doesn’t only just look organized, but it creates brand awareness. It offers a more professional image and helps the public identify who your people are and the company they’re from. When Customers see your employees doing their jobs well, they begin to identify this with the company for which they work which in turn creates a positive buzz for your business. Not to mention branded PPEs show the public that you take the safety of your employees seriously and this further serves to improve how the public sees you. Reputation is key when it comes to client attraction and retention.

2. Branding of situation-appropriate give-aways


We all know that there is an ongoing pandemic, and most industries have had to re-adjust how they do business, and this includes Promotional giveaways. Before the Pandemic companies gave away pens, caps, mugs, key chains, etc. all of which are still viable options. However, with the pandemic, more and more companies have seen the need to be more creative.

This is where the branding of masks and hand sanitizers comes in. By putting your logo or company name on hand sanitizer or face masks you paint your company as one that focuses on health and wellness as opposed to just making a profit, which serves to create a lasting impression. Not to mention the constant exposure of your brand to the public serves as marketing. There exist other items you can gift to customers to provide them with a sense of health and security such as first aid boxes, or branded sun-screen/ lotion bottles. However, you have to be careful to ensure that the giveaway item is easily portable to get the most out of the marketing portion.

3. Sustainable and re-usable products.

Going green is now more important than ever. Giving out branded items that show social responsibility is a welcomed and admired practice that boosts your company’s reputation and further cement your brand identity as one that cares.

Using products made with recycled and natural materials, as well as durable items, will show your brand’s support of the environmental conservation efforts being practiced globally while preparing you for when the world eventually becomes waste/plastic-free.  For example, giving out of canvas bags and stainless-steel mugs, as opposed to disposable fabrics and drinkware.

4. Use of Personalised images

Stock photos are a useful tool in marketing however with more and more businesses coming up it is important you find ways to stand out and this includes the images you use in your promotional prints such as On Fliers, pamphlets, brochures, etc. It is advisable to use images specifically designed to tell the company’s story, images that align with the message you are attempting to put out into the market.

So why is using personalized images so important?

With stock photos, you still have to follow licensing requirements. For instance, some photos can only be used for editorial use and not marketing purposes. This leaves you open to possible legal action against the company. Furthermore, there is no exclusivity with stock images, which means competitors could use the same images that you select. This affects efforts made by the company when attempting to create a distinguishable brand identity. Lastly, you never know the impression your potential client will have when they view the stock photo. This is why the use of personalized images is definitely a trend to look into in 2022.



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How To Leverage Graphics To Expand Your Brand’s Digital Influence

How to leverage graphics to expand your brand’s digital influence



Hellen Lubanga.

“A picture is worth a thousand words”; and when it comes to advertising no truer words have ever been spoken.  With the shift into the digital age, more and more advertisements are being seen online. With images and text meant to showcase one thing or another, how much do we really know about these graphics and the role they play when it comes to digital advertising? Let us begin by breaking down what digital ads are.

So what are Digital Ads?

Digital advertising is the practice of delivering promotional content to users through various online/digital channels.  These channels include, but are not limited to; Social media, email, Search engines such as Google or safari, mobile apps, affiliate programs, and websites.

So where do Graphics come into play?

Graphics are visual images or designs used to demonstrate or entertain.  They tend to come in the form of text, illustrations, or colours, and can be used to not only make your Ad stand out, but they help build your personal image i.e. your brand.

The use of Graphics in digital Ads

  1. Search engine marketing

Whenever we use a search engine such as Google a few results will appear at the top with the word “Ad” next to them. These Ads are a result of Search engine marketing.

When Graphics such as images are added to a website page, the website developer writes a code with a title together with an alternative text. This way whenever a user searches for keywords, the search engine not only identifies the words on your website but also picks up the code words used on the images. This increases the chance of your webpage standing out when certain words and phrases are searched for by potential clients.

  1. Social media ads

Most people these days use some form of Social media on a daily basis. This includes Facebook (rebranded to Meta), Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Linked-in, and multiple other platforms. Social media platforms offer a great opportunity to advertise your brand, However, in order to stand out in the sea of shared images, you need an image that will attract the right people at the right time.  By using the right images you can build a community /network that would not only boost your brand but also help you generate leads and improve client interaction

  1. Native advertising

Native ads appear on Social media pages and web pages, but look different from your regular advertisements. They tend to appear under recommended reading or related stories or even promoted stories. Clicking them tends to revert the reader to the advertiser’s web page.

Native ads depend heavily on the use of high-resolution images to grasp the attention of the reader thereby resulting in a higher click rate.

  1. Remarketing

 Remarketing allows you to show ads to people who have previously visited your website or mobile apps. Previous visitors are shown ads that contain images of products and services they viewed on your site and can include messages tailored to their interests, thereby constantly keeping you in the mind of your clients and potential clients. This goes a long way In cementing your brand with your target audience.

 So how can Cadtech assist in your Digital ad journey?

First impressions are a big deal when it comes to advertising. You need the right designs that grab your audience’s attention while conveying your brand’s message. With years of experience in promotion and design, Cadtech Services limited can walk with you and help you build your digital presence with the appropriate graphics that will not only attract the targeted clientele to your pages but will help you bring to life the vision of your brand.

For your Graphic Design needs contact us today. We are always available.

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Difference Between Narrow Base Banner & Broad Base Banner

Difference between Narrow based banner stand and Broad-based banner stand.

Corporate Brand I December 2021

Retractable banner stands are mostly used to showcase advertising messages in store fronts, lobbies or exhibition booths. They are easy to assemble and conveniently portable. They can be used even in the smallest of places because they come in different dimensions. With this stands the message can be changed by replaced the printed posters only with the same stand. The printed materials used are usually durable and weather proof for both indoor and outdoor displays. They come with tote bags in which they are stored when they are not in use.

Narrow based banner stands

The Narrow base stand is low cost, light weight and is easily assembled everywhere. It is stabilized by feet that are sturdy and are fixed on the ground to make it stable. Its advantage is its cost which is low and affordable.

Broad based banner stands

The Broad base stand has a solid aluminum base that is placed on ground to showcase the message. When it is being assembled the banner is retracted from the aluminum base and held onto a vertical support bar for display.

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Brochures: Digital vs Print

Brochures: Digital vs Print

Corporate Brand I December 2021

Although both digital and printed brochures are both being used in this digital era. They all have their disadvantages and disadvantages.

Printed brochures

The printed brochure has the advantage of physical distribution at front desks, trade shows or events where one tends to meet with the target customer. They are given to the intended audience, who can always access them whenever they want to learn more about your products and services. They have a personal touch and there is an element of going the extra mile.

These brochures have a disadvantage because of the additional cost incurred for printing out. If a company wants to minimize its marketing budget, it might not be viable.

Digital brochures

Digital brochures can be distributed through digital platforms to reach a bigger audience. This defines a wider reach and you can also be able to know how many people have accessed the brochure via a call to action (CTA). The cost of production is low because there is no printing and distribution cost involved. It is also environmentally friendly because of no paper use. They are easily editable in case of changes.

Due to the high number of digital items being uploaded and received in our inbox and social media, The brochures get lost in the digital clutter making them inaccessible in the long run without a long and tedious search.

A blend of both would work for a business with the digital wide outreach and the printed having that personal touch when distributing to the target customer.


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4 Reasons Why We Should Digitize Documents

4 reasons why we should digitize documents

Document management I December 2021

Document digitization is the process of transforming information that a computer cannot process into a format they can handle e.g. converting hand-written text into a digital format/analog recordings into digital format.

There are a number of reasons why we would go for document digitization.

  • Ease of access: – digitalized document reduces processing cost in terms of producing photocopies. After digitization data is stored and can be accessed from anywhere Cloud data warehousing (data storage)
  • Increased productivity:– less time is spent in searching for documents so low turnaround time
  • Cost reduction: – Not renting more space for paper storage, and security personnel. Less production of paper documents and reduced duplication of documents thus reduced purchase of paper.
  • Ease of storage and data processing:- depending on the industry different types of documents may need to be digitized for ease of data storage from claim forms for insurance companies, Loan application forms for SACCOs, banks, invoices, payments, financial reports for accounts, approved drawings for Architectural and Engineering, patient records for medical and many more.


For your Document management needs contact us today. We are always available for you.

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6 Ways To Evaluate Whether You Really Need All The Documents You Are Storing.

6 ways to evaluate whether you really need all the documents you are storing.

Document management I December 2021

We keep lots of documents in the office and also in our homes with the belief that they will always be of use. You find that there are documents we have never even looked for in a number of years and yet they are occupying a lot of space in our workspace and home space. This applies not only to physical documents but also to the digital documents

How do we evaluate what is necessary and what is not necessary? Why are we keeping these documents in the first place?

  • Do they have historical value? These are documents that provide past information of the past.
  • The documents could be of importance or usefulness that it justifies their continuous preservation. This could be because of fiscal, legal, administrative or evidential information they have. These documents could be preserved in the original format for a long period of time. Examples Title deeds, logbooks, certificates e t c.
  • Are they copies of an original? There could be an original whereby a number of duplicate copies have been produced and kept.
  • How old are the documents and when were they last used or accessed?
  • Do they have a retention period?
  • Do they have active information or business information?

You might be keeping lots of documents that we really do not need.


For your Document management needs contact us today. We are always available for you.

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Different type of Documents which should be Laminated

Different types of Documents which should be Laminated

November 2021 I Large Format Lamination I Technical Prints

Lamination is the process of sealing documents between sheets of plastic which is then passed through the heat to complete the process. This process is appropriate for short-term value materials. But if the material is of intrinsic value it should not be laminated.

Lamination causes destruction in that it chemically reacts with the documents and destroys their value. Document with embossed security seals and stamps should not be laminated. Laminated documents are usually rejected by many institutions due to the prevalence of forged and counterfeit documents being laminated for a cover-up.

Documents that should not be Laminated include:

  • Birth certificates
  • School/College certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Logbooks
  • Identity cards
  • Title deeds
  • Survey maps
  • Deed plans


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6 Reasons why a Scanned Document is good in Pdf format



6 Reasons why a scanned document is good in pdf format

By Jacqueline Odhiambo I November 2021 I Technical Prints



When a document is scanned it can be saved in different formats jpeg, tiff, pdf, etc. But most people prefer pdf format and here we are going to get a glimpse of why pdf could be a good option.

🙂 Pdf can handle all sorts of documents in both text and images

🙂 Pdf does not damage the original image each time it is saved.

🙂 It preserves the layout of the content leaving different parts of the document open for editing.

🙂 In pdf the user can copy selected text and use it somewhere else.

🙂 It encapsulates a complete description of a fixed-layout document that includes the text, fonts,       raster images, and vector graphics that the document comprises.

🙂 Portable across operating environments. It can store metadata via a pdf information dictionary. It allows for more sophisticated XML-based metadata to be embedded in pdf files via XMP.

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Improving productivity across global teams

Effectiveness comes down to producing desired results. The most successful entrepreneurs have mastered being effective because it makes them work smarter, eliminating unnecessary effort and wasted time. Success cannot happen with any consistency when approached in a lazy, haphazard, hit-or-miss fashion.

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