Book our (perfectionist)brain and (needle moving)ideas for a day. Enable us to present your
brand and employees to the world professionally and create the right image.
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An easy and comfortable 30 minute sit down takes the stress out of building your brand. You will give us the essence of your business, your market, your client’s perspectives, and your design guidelines. Better understanding of your business will enlighten better design.
INITIALIZE (First Composition)
Three design compositions that fit the design guidelines are presented. You will then have an opportunity to discuss what you like, dislike and changes you would like to see.
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REFINE (Refined Composition)
Your feedback will be taken and three more refined composition from your top choices will be produced. A meet up again for another feedback session.
COMPLETION (Final Design)
Final design is delivered that meets your design criteria, business image, and that reflects your uniqueness in the market.
Completion of logo and same process is used to design all the other additional deliverables. You are then presented with digital files and final designs for the deliverables. An approval from you to give a go ahead for printing.

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