Document management process made easy (DMS Support). Store, Share and approve instantly
This is where we come in and say look here…….
How it works

Step 1

Get to know you

Do we have synergy?Let’s jump on a call and find out. I’ll get a solid understanding of your project -scope, goals, timeline -and you’ll get sense if I’m the right person for the job.

We Will:
~Listen carefully Ask pointed questions
~Do a survey with authorization.
~Bring out the details
If we are a good fit, we will send a proposal of work. This will include a detailed list of deliverables, Financials and general timelines.
You will get a clear understanding of:
~What you will be getting
~How the transformation will happen
~Your expectations after the transformation.
How it works

Step 2

We are fit

Once you accept our proposal and sign the agreement. We will finalize your project kick off date and you will make the agreed deposit.
Then, we will start working to achieve the goals of transformation via:

Kindly note:continuous feedbacks will be required from the responsible top management for continuous improvement of the process

Step 3

Tweaking Time

This is where the major transformation takes place. The process of change management gains momentum..
This is a continuous walking through process with the responsible staff and ensuring they are comfortable working in a more digitalized environment.
We will stick around for a while, because collaboration is critical.
Step 4

Take Your Bows

Ready to roll through the transformation. Seamless and smooth work flow with less paper and low costs in the work process and ability to work from anywhere. Building long term relationship with long term continuous support from us.
Are you ready to
~Work from anywhere
~Reduce your cost of operation
~Reduce your turn around time
What If
~There is fire or flooding are your documents safe?
If you need someone who………….
1. Sits with you and listens
2. Knows that customer research is where it is at
3. Aligns working ins to your work schedule.
4. Ensures that everything is step by step with collaboration with top management.
5. Collaborates with you and comes up with a payment plan that is manageable for you and within your budget.
Then we are DMS soul mates
If you need someone who………….
1. Works with whatever data we have
2. Works to finish as fast as possible.
3. Comes up with lump sum unmanageable payment.
Then we are not the ones you are looking for