If you are an Architect, Engineer (Electrical, Mechanical & Structural), Contractor or you are in the Industry that needs their documents to be managed for the wether normal size or large format you will appreciate our services as we produce quality products. To get the right team we are here for you.

Printing Services

Technical Drawings Plotting & Printing Services

We offer quality, prompt services and that includes specialized printing, scanning, and photocopying of blueprints for architectural, engineering, and contract projects. Our “full service” setup supports Print.

Packaging & Delivery Options for each client

Promotional Digital Printing

Access start-to-finish support during and after any design project – with our variety of mediums and printing techniques, for standard size prints and large scale/ off-scale size prints. Cadtech Services Limited. offers complete in-house support from selection, to print and installation (*at additional cost)

Large Format Printing

Large Format Printing is also known as Grand Format Printing / Wide Format Printing. This printing option is available for print-out of up to 3 Metres /118 inches in width. We offer a selection of paper-types & PVC surfaces – as an affordable large format printing value-add option for large-scale presentations


Mass Printing / Bulk Printing

This refers to high volume / large quantities of replication
This is the mass reproduction of original copies in black-and-white (and/or) color copies. This option is available in a variety of paper sizes on white/ regular copy paper & colored paper

Print Finishing Services

Lamination & Large Format (A1) Lamination

This is a long-lasting, neat, and permanent solution to protect/seal document content. We offer in-house support for standard size / regular and large-format [A1] lamination – for legible, neat-finish.

Large Format Scanning

We offer regular lamination services for paper sizes [A3 and below] including specialty document scanning services for A2, A1, and A0.
Get clear, to-scale digital conversions/e-versions of hard copies of any paper size (and) depending on client preference, converted files are saved in different image formats & document formats & compressed.


Binding is a print finish option, that’s best suited for 16 -450 pages or sheets. This print finish service is available for standard copy paper, matte, ivory, gloss paper.

This is a manual process, supported by the latest in document-binding technology, so as to neatly and securely organize & bind written or printed pages. Cadtech Services Ltd offers 4 binding techniques (i.e.)

  • Plastic / Comb Binding: A top selection for documents that are often updated due to the flexible, toothed plastic semi-cylinder, or comb, which allows for easy adding or removing of pages

  • Velo / Strip Binding: This is a tamper-proof and secure binding option/alternative especially for ribbon binding.

  • Tape Binding / Thermal Binding: A popular & durable option for hardcover documents that gives a neat and professional overall finish

  • Stitch / Stapling Binding: For a more unique print-finish look and is a practical, affordable option for binding 20 pages or less

Copy Services

Black & White Copies

Black-and-White printing ONLY uses the black toner cartridge and the white space on the paper to produce text & images.
This is a cost-effective, high-quality alternative to color copy services & color printing services. Clients have the option of copies on white paper and/or coloured paper.

CSL’s in-house, modern printing setup supports high volume, quick production at low-costs.

Bulk Photocopy

This is the mass reproduction of original copies in black-and-white (and/or) color copies, especially for copies/prints that are in high circulation and require regular volumes of print-outs. This option is available in a variety of paper sizes on white/ regular copy paper & colored paper.


Colour Copies

Color copying” means we scan a document-type with colored content, into a printer & print out 1 or more colored copies (in color mode).

Printing in color means that, all four toner cartridges are used to create bright, vivid, and colorful copies.

(for extra artistic options) clients have the option of copies on white paper and/or colored paper

Graphic Design Services

Packaging Design

Professional & practical design conceptualization and design of a unique product(s) container / packing / wrapping appealing to a product(s) target audience & for optimal market visibility

Branding / Visual Identity Designs

This is a graphic design service – specific to the typography, imagery, and graphical information of a product/service/organization for the purpose of market distinction & visibility. Our graphic designs are set to responsive design requirements – for use on online/digital platforms

Advertising & Marketing Design

This is a graphic design service – of “marketing & sales-centric”, that must be aligned to a brand’s brand-guidelines for visual communication & promotional purposes

Editorial / Publication Design

This is a graphic design service – specific to the theme and layout of printed media (e.g. journals, portfolios, magazines); the main focus is to present content in an organized, clear, and attention-grabbing way.

Overall, TeamCSL’s professional, editorial design support creates visually appealing, easy-to-read, high-quality publications.

DMS Support Services

Document Management System Support Services for B2B

Cadtech Services Ltd offers software and hardware support to set up businesses, with automated systems to store, manage and track electronic documents and electronic images of existent hardcopies – by converting paper/hard copies into e-copies / digital files. We offer e-solutions support in the Selection.Installation.Integration of digital archiving systems, for B2B setups.

  • Available are 3 DMS-Packages with features selection to meet the B2B requirements of each business setup’s SOPs. Our Packages include:

Document Management System Support Services [DMS]

  1. Backlog Scanning
  2. Document Management Software

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