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Two Differences Between Indoor and Outdoor Printing

 Two Differences between indoor and outdoor printing

Corporate Brand I November 2021

When you go to your print it is best to specify whether you want an indoor print or an outdoor print. This will be determined by where you want to use it and the purpose of the print. This will save you the cost and disappointment of getting the wrong print for your specific use. The difference is determined by the printer and media used. There are printers specifically for outdoor printing which use solvent or eco-solvent ink. There are printers that are for indoor printing which use pigment-based inks or non-solvent inks.

The different types of paper finish like a matte finish, glossy finish, and satin finish are in both indoor and outdoor prints. A good print shop will advise you on which print is good for your intended purpose.

  • Indoor prints are specifically used for indoor purposes not to be affected by natural weather conditions like sunlight and rain. When they are used outdoor, they fade out very fast while outdoor printed materials last longer under the same conditions.
  • Indoor prints are mostly not waterproofed unlike outdoor which are waterproof thus even when it rains outside it is not affected.


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