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How organized are your legal documents?

Capture and manage your clients legal documents in one central place with a customized electronic document management system.

With regard to Kenya data protection act 2019, managing your documents in digital format ensures compliance.

As a legal firm most of your clients documents come in as paper documents. This is brought in piles of files or boxes which can be quite unmanageable.

There is the additional burden of reproducing these paper documents to meet deadlines imposed by opposing counsel and the court.

If as a Legal firm you are operating using paper documents, this can lead to accumulation of these documents in your office. This can lead to reduction of your productive space.

digitization legal

Solutions to your document challenges

document digitization legal

Digitizing your paper documents

Scanning and capturing your paper documents and converting them to digital documents will help minimize your storage space.

Your document management process will be efficient. This enables you to meet your submission deadline.

Documents received from clients can be quickly converted into digital documents and stored in the central repository of an electronic document management software.

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Additional benefits

Minimize storage space

Space used for document storage can used for other productive activities

Reduced document misplacement or lose

Less struggle allocating documents left on desks and other office areas.

Less cluttered office

Less use of paper documents, less paper clutter around the office area.

Minimized loss of information

digitized information is not lost due to deterioration of the paper documents.

Implementing an electronic document management solution(EDMS)

An electronic document management system is customized to your needs. This speeds up your work by:

You are able to minimize time wasted on printing and storing paper documents

You are able to share digital documents and collaboration.

You are able to audit track and version control your documents in detail.

You are able to access your documents from anywhere, not necessarily in office.

Your documents are stored in a secure and central repository.

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EDMS legal

Additional benefits

Audit tracking

Increases accountability in the office because document use is tracked in real time.

Ease of document share

Eases collaboration with your clients.

Remote access of documents

You don’t have to be in office to access documents

No need of documents duplication

Reduces cost of producing documents.

Shredding paper cut size infographic - legal

Disposal of your paper documents.

You are able to ensure the information in your documents is secure to maintain their confidentiality.

The safest way to make sure the information does not leak is by shredding your documents in the tiniest of pieces which cannot be retrieved and pieced together to access your information.

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Additional benefits

Information security

Reduces access to your information by fraudsters

Reduces storage of unnecessary documents

These are documents which have reached their retention period.

Good for the environment

Paper can be recycled and reused. Burning of paper increases carbonation. 

Information confidentiality

Protects your Personal and private information.