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What is backlog scanning?

Backlog scanning is the scanning of the already used paper documents to convert them into digital format for storage.This refers to documents that are retrieved again and again to be reused. This prevents loss of information by losing or misplacing documents or because of wear and tear due to overuse. Document scanning includes backlog scanning and continuous everyday scanning of your paper documents. Cadtech services ltd Kenya is able to support you in this process to eliminate the frequent occurrence of losing information.

When is the right time to do bulk document scanning or backlog scanning ?

The right time to do backlog scanning is defined by the company needs which are different across the board.Some of the reasons businesses decide to have their paper documents backlog scanned include and this is where we as Cadtech services ltd Kenya would come in to assist with the process.

  • They are always losing or misplacing their important documents.
  • They are not able to find their documents as fast as they would want to especially when serving their customers. They have to keep their customers waiting before they are served.
  • The cost of moving paper documents from one office location to another is expensive especially in this era of remote working. This would involve using courier service to deliver the documents which comes at an additional cost
  • Slow speed of document approvals especially where the personnel approving documents are always traveling leading to delay in serving customers for example approving of compliance when it comes to financial companies.

When is the right time to do backlog scanning?

Backlog scanning is usually done by companies who want to digitize their work process to eliminate the above challenges. And they have to also look into other factors to be able to see the return on investment from backlog scanning and going digital.Hereby are factors that would also be considered that would help you feel the impact of backlog scanning 

  • How much would you save in terms of paper and cartridges
  • How much space would you be able to divert to productive use by removing the stored paper documents
  • How much would you save in terms of personnel handling paper documents
  • How much time would you save in searching for the documents
  • How much improvement would occur in terms of eliminating loopholes and aligning your work processes.
  • What about collaboration across board
  • How much faster are you able to serve your customers and also your audit process
  • Are you able to meet your stakeholders expectations where stakeholders are supplies and customers.
  • How much would you gain in reducing errors due to lost or misplaced documents
  • Incase of fraud in the company is it possible to identify the culprit.

How does backlog scanning work?

Many people assume backlog scanning just involves passing the paper documents through a digital scanner and the job is done. For quality and process proven backlog scanning it goes through a carefully aligned process so that the end product is able to serve its intended purpose or use. Some of the documents are usually old and overused and have to be handled carefully. 

Cadtech services ltd Kenya starts the backlog scanning process by sorting out the documents to ensure that the document scanning is done in order by batching up similar documents, removing staples, clips sticky notes and mending the worn out paper documents

Then the next stage is scanning the documents which are then quality checked to ensure everything is in order. Indexing is done and verified to ensure everything is complying with the company in question. The scanned documents are then sent to the digital storage of choice which can be cloud storage or electronic document management system (EDMS)

How we do backlog scanning?

On site backlog scanning

A survey has to be done initially to ensure that the space provided is sufficient for work involved and secure. Cadtech services ltd Kenya as a company goes to our client’s site of which enough space should be made available for us for the scanning process. We are able to deliver our equipment and our team to our client site to work from there. We are able to work on site within the set timeline and ensure the digitized documents are stored in the right digital storage area.

Offsite backlog scanning

With offsite document scanning the Cadtech services ltd Kenya team has to collect paper documents from our client’s site and have them delivered to our scanning site in a well secured van. Then document scanning is done using the same process we use in our backlog scanning and kept in a digital storage as per the client’s preference. Original documents are secured after the process approval and returned to the client’s premise. OCR technology is a must use in all our document scanning processes. Cadtech services ltd Kenya is always there for you to support you in sorting, categorizing and aligning your document digitization process department by department. Have a discussion round how you want your digital documents stored and if it is the most appropriate method for your needs.

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