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“Research shows 80% of the documents we keep, we never use”(Hemphill, 2001).

All your paper documents can be digitized and stored in one place.

Your information in paper documents can be converted into digital format in a systematic and organized manner through digitization.  

Your information can be in text, image, audio or video format. This will ease the processing and searching of your documents. 

After the  documents have been scanned as an image the information is often captured into an editable format.

document digitization

What differentiates digitization and scanning?

Document Scanning is the conversion of a paper document into digital format using a scanning device. The scanning device  can be a smartphone application or a digital scanner.

Document scanning is a part of the digitization process.

“Storing a document digitally costs 10% of storing the paper version” Ricoh

Solutions to your Top Document Challenges

Digitization creates consistency across board for future reference and continuity in your work process regardless of who is in place.

digitization operation efficiency

Improves operational efficiency

Speed up sharing and transferring of your company’s information across departments and branches through digital documents.

You would eliminate the use of courier service to deliver your documents thus reducing your document movement costs and time.

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Improves customer experience

Serve your customers in real time. Through digitization you would shorten your documents approval process by sharing them digitally with the approval authorities. Your approval authorities do not have to be in office to have the documents approved.

Document search is done in real time. This ensures the customer is served immediately without having to make several trips to your office to access their paper documents.

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digitization customer care

Digitization will enable your company’s global presence to be felt. You are able to transact with stakeholders from other parts of the globe in real time.

This will  enable you to enter new markets by bringing in new customers and enabling you to spread your wings.

digitization audit

Enhance audit support

Improve your audit process by making it less time consuming, more accurate and less frustrating. 

Digitization speeds up your auditing processes. Minimal time is used in document searches. 

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Improves internal and external communication

Ease your communication with internal and external stakeholders.

Your  collaboration can be improved through digitization, increasing efficiency. You are able to share Information easily between departments in real time.

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digitization communication


Ease of document accessibility

You can easily access your digital information on any electronic device and also from anywhere.

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Minimize document storage space

Digitization can minimize your document storage space. This minimizes the cost of storage space.

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Eases analysis

Ease  the use of your information for analytical purposes. This speeds up your process of decision making.

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