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Frequently Asked Questions

About Electronic Document Management System

What is an electronic document management system ?

An electronic document management system (EDMS) is a software system used for storing and organizing different types of digital documents. It stores the documents in one central place or repository for an organization.

Why is an electronic document management system important?

Electronic document management systems is able to automatically index large quantities of documents and store them digitally. It can store scanned documents, import, organize and store emails and their attachments. It can also move and store documents from windows application

What if our company is small, do we still need an electronic document management system?

An electronic document management systems return on investment (ROI) can be felt in a company with a large number of departments or branches. It streamlines the document workflows and improves communication across different departments or branches. This speeds up work processes. For a small company this will not be viable.

About Document digitization

Is document scanning the same as digitization?

Digitization is the capturing of information from both your paper documents and digital documents and having them stored in a central repository in an editable format. Document scanning is a phase in the digitization whereby a paper document is converted into an image before capturing the content using OCR.

Is it safe to dispose of my paper documents after digitization?

It is safe to dispose of your paper documents. Though if not comfortable you can have the paper documents stored in a far off place to give you the space in your work p[lace to use for other income generating activities.

How long should we archive our documents?

If you have a retention policy in place it will be able to guide you on how long to have your documents. And also when their disposal date is due.

About Document Shredding

How safe is our information when our documents are shredded?

The type of shredder used will determine the safety of your information. Using a strip cut shredder will increase the safety of your information. The cross-cut or micro-cut shredder will enhance the security of your information especially the high security and confidential documents.

Why are we being charged for shredding and yet other organizations pay us when they take our documents for shredding?

For the documents that are not confidential and can be shredded without being worried about it security are usually collected without the necessary security process. For confidential documents the need for extra security process is necessary for information security.

Can the shredding be done on site?

Yes, the shredding can be done on site. We ensure we adhere to our customers needs whether commercial or residential.