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How much is having paper based document workprocess costing you, your clients and taxman?

As a business, digitization would be the ultimate goal that would ensure all these obstacles are eliminated. By backlog scanning all your paper documents less frequently used, having an electronic document management system in place or cloud storage and ensuring that documents that have reached their retention period are disposed in a safe, secure, confidential and environmentally friendly manner.

Backlog scanning (Document scanning)

Having hordes of paper documents and you don’t know what to do? We will always be there to support you in sorting, categorizing and aligning your documentation process department by department.

Document management systems

Having difficulties on the best way to manage your work process? We are here to advise you on the most appropriate electronic document management system for your size of business with a focus on managing your cost and increasing your productivity and efficiency.

Document shredding (Document destruction)

How safe is your information?
When your paper documents have reached their retention period, the best way to dispose of your confidential documents is through shredding to minimize information leakage.

Technical prints

Turning Design concepts into reality in the construction industry
We support Architects, Engineers and Contractors in the design phase to convert their drawing designs into quality paper prints for Presentation, Approval purposes, Tendering and Site usage.

Paper based work process would cost you…………

A lot of time spent on searching,filing of paper documents. Filling in log sheets for files taken or brought back which might sometimes be forgotten.

Stress when searching for document that cannot be found.

Where You will be...........................

Your work process is completely electronic would be able to give you that peace of mind that your documents are in a safe place and accessibility is just by a click.

Your budget will determine the system you are likely to go for. The return on investments on using an electronic document management system are huge in the long run.