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All your digital documents can be created, organized, stored and accessed in an electronic document management system

 Small and medium companies are struggling with clutter and stress of losing and misplacing documents when they are most required.

This slows down the internal functionalities of their companies.

You can eliminate the loopholes of losing documents and time taken to search for required documents by having your documents stored in a central repository.

By having an electronic document management system in place and having it integrated with your other internal systems will increase efficiency in your office.

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Docuware electronic document management systems

Reduce the frustrations in your workspace, eliminate the use of paper documents.

Manage your documents in the fastest and flawless way possible using the most flexible electronic document management system.

With Docuware Document management system capabilities these hurdles would be a thing of the past. Learn more

Docuware EDMS


Control dashboard

Able to keep an eye on workflow progress at all times.


Seamlessly connect your ERP. CRM and other applications creating business workflows across multiple systems.

Intelligent indexing

AI based technology converts documents content right into indexing terms.

Scan and classify

Using any scanning hardware captures incoming paper documents directly into the system.

Electronic signature

Sign a wide variety of documents such as contracts or invoices with a legally binding electronic signature.

Therefore EDMS

Canon Therefore electronic document management system

Companies have challenges accessing correct information. The process is usually slow and sometimes chaotic.
Information security is compromised as documents are easily accessible.

With therefore document management system this can be reduced or eliminated completely.

This can improve document security, improve efficiency in accessing information and would also minimize cost of managing information.

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Data is secured within a central digital repository,


Paper and electronic information is captured and stored.


Information is managed as a strategic asset.


You can access your data anytime, anywhere


Core business processes are automated and optimized for efficiency