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Digital document management Kenya

Document management is the process of managing, storing and tracking documents. When the documents are digitized the documents are captured, stored, managed and tracked digitally. This eases the document management process than if you are using the paper documents. 

To manage your documents  digitally you can have an electronic document management system (EDMS) whereby you are able to store your digitized documents and manage the movement of documents around the company in an easy and trackable manner. Cadtech services ltd Kenya as a company is able to to advise and provide support so as to enable you to get the most suitable solution that is compatible with your work process. This is to ensure that the system is customized to your needs and you are able to use it maximally.   

Why electronic document management system /software (EDMS)

Implementation of the Electronic document management system EDMS can be expensive initially but in the long run the return on investment is huge. Electronic document management system (EDMS) includes certain components that will be of benefit to the company in your digitization process. This includes

  • Electronic document management systems have a central repository where your digital data is stored in a secured area either on cloud or in premise and can only be accessed by authorized users.
  • Electronic document management systems have to be OCR (Optical Character recognition) enabled to capture only the data of your paper documents in an editable and light manner making it easier for the document to be moved around without the inhibitions of a normally scanned document which tends to occupy lots of space and is a lot harder to use.
  • Electronic document management systems have a document viewer that helps in viewing different document versions for example pdf, jpeg, cad and others. It has to have a component of good user experience with a good user interface.
  • Electronic document management systems should  have tools that allow free flow of digital documents across different departments to manage the company’s workflow but authorized users either as a read only user or a read and write user.
  • Electronic document management systems should have indexing to help ease document search to make accessing digital documents faster and in real time.
  • Electronic document management systems also have search components to help the users access the documents faster in real time.
  • Electronic document management systems have a version control tool that is able to track changes made to a document by the different user and enables storage of all the document change versions.

What we provide:

Docuware electronic document management system

Reduce the frustrations in your workspace, eliminate the use of paper documents.Manage your documents in the fastest and flawless way possible using the most flexible electronic document management system. With docuware capabilities these hurdles would be a thing of the past.


  • Capturing your information
  • Organizing your information
  • Processing your documents
  • Managing your workflows
  • Restricted Accessing and viewing for decision making
  • Electronic signatures

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Canon therefore design

Canon Therefore electronic document management system

Store, manage and process your information efficiently to enhance your productivity level


  • Import documents
  • Share documents across board
  • Retrieving and storing of documents
  • Distribution of documents
  • Authorized access and use of required information

How can we help in the implementation of electronic document management systems?

We as Cadtech services ltd in partnership with Canon and Copy cat Ltd Kenya supports our clients in the implementation of the electronic document management systems having inhouse systems like Therefore electronic document systems and docuware electronic document management  systems which are easily customizable with specific to different client needs.

How do we come in?

  • We as Cadtech services ltd Kenya  listen to understand our client’s needs. We have to understand the dynamics of their work process and all the obstacles they are having at the moment while navigating through their work flows. We have to understand how each and every department would be able to use the system maximally and enlighten the users on the advantages of having the system in place and getting a buy-in from all the stakeholders.
  • Cadtech services Ltd Kenya have to listen to stakeholders whether suppliers or customers to understand their needs so as to ensure everybody is in sync when it comes to the implementation of the electronic document management system.
  • We have to ensure that the implementation of the electronic document management system will have a return on investment to the company and reduce the use of paper and printers to bare minimum.
  • We have to ensure that all the users have a buy-in by training and coaching them throughout the implementation of electronic document management systems. This will speed up the process.
  • We as Cadtech services ltd Kenya are there for you in the long haul during and after complete implementation.
  • You will get physical support on the go 24/7/365 throughout the year


Types of electronic document management systems

Cloud based document management systems (EDMS)

These are electronic document management systems which have the central repository in the cloud and are paid on a monthly or annual subscription basis.

Advantages of cloud based electronic document management systems

  • The initial implementation is less costly 
  • System upgrade is done in real time by the system provider so you are always in sync with any new features improvement in the system.

On premise based electronic document management systems (EDMS)

This electronic document management system is installed on the premises and the initial cost can be very costly. Whenever there is a system upgrade you have to pay up for the upgrade.

Benefits of an electronic document management systems (EDMS)

  • Electronic document management system reduces the use of paper when the full implementation is done. The cost of buying paper, cartridges and maintenance of printers are eliminated.
  • Accessing your documents is faster and easier by just a click of a button
  • Document security is assured, this is because the document can only be accessed by the intended user and accessing and editing of the document can be tracked in the system unlike paper document which can get lost amongst other documents or can be lying on someone’s desk without knowledge of other users
  • It gives you peace of mind knowing well that you can access your documents anywhere anytime.
  • The fear of lost or misplaced documents is eliminated
  • Reduces cases of fraud using company’s documents.
  • You have the option of automating your workflow.



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