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Destruction and shredding of confidential paper documents

As documents accumulate in an office environment the less the information is secure, due to handling by many stakeholders. For information security, destruction and shredding of confidential documents is necessary to prevent risk of data exposure which can lead to improper use of the company’s data.

What is document destruction and shredding?

This is the process of cutting down paper documents into small pieces which cannot be combined together again to get the information written on it. This is done using sophisticated commercial shredders which are able to cut paper into very small cubes for information security. This is very important to ensure somebody cannot use the information in the paper documents.

Why is document destruction and shredding necessary?

  • To protect your confidentiality and ensure the company information is not exposed to data theft.
  • To reuse the paper for other economically viable products.
  • To minimize environmental degradation through carbon emission.

Document destruction and shredding can be done in the office regularly on a day to day basis so as not to pile up documents. This is usually done on documents that are used regularly and lots of duplications are made and are required to be done away with. An office shredder is used for document destruction and shredding. The office shredder can do the work but will not completely shred the documents thus making it quite easy to retrieve the information on the paper. It would be safe to outsource the document destruction and shredding process to a reliable service provider. This is usually done as a one time shredding or a regularly scheduled shredding.

How we do it

Document destruction and shredding on a regular schedule basis.

This occurs when Cadtech services ltd Kenya as your service provider gives you secured bins which can be collected on a regular and agreed timeline to ensure consistency. The provider can then dispose of the shredded documents through recycling. As a company based in Nairobi, Kenya, Cadtech services ltd provides this service and ensures your document destruction and shredding is done in a procedural manner for our clients to have that peace of mind. The collection of the document bins for destruction and shredding is determined by the contract agreement between the Cadtech team and our client. It can be biweekly, monthly or as agreed. This is done within business specified hours.

One time document destruction and shredding

A company would need a one time shredding when they are sorting out and clearing out their accumulated documents that have reached their retention period. These documents would require immediate destruction and shredding to ensure information security and reduce risk  of data exposure. Cadtech services ltd Kenya team will take proper security measures to ensure the paper documents are transported safely to their destination of destruction and shredding and ensure they are disposed of completely through recycling. 

Cadtech services ltd provides also both offsite and onsite document destruction and shredding

Offsite document destruction and shredding services

Cadtech services ltd Kenya team collects our clients secured bins from their offices which are then brought to our offices for shredding then recycled and reused. This is environmentally friendly and safe and also economical.

Onsite document destruction and shredding services.

Cadtech services ltd Kenya can also go to our clients premises, do all the heavy lifting and ensure that the shredding process is done safely and ensure that the shredding process is proper and secure. This can only be done when there are bulk documents for destruction and shredding.

Drop off document destruction and shredding services

You can also drop off documents to have them shredded at our premises Applewood Adams building First floor Room 107, Ngong road,Nairobi. The shredding is done while you are watching to give you that peace of mind

Certificate of destruction issued upon project completion.

At the moment we are providing this service to our clients based in Nairobi, Kenya. 

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