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Having issues with storing your large format documents or for submission?


In the construction industry as an Architect, an Engineer or a Contractor paper documents which can be as big as A0 size or even larger tend to deteriorate fast because of continuous use and handling. These documents also occupy a very big storage space.

Having these documents digitized reduces the storage space. Are you able to sort out your customers and suppliers with ease and have all the information available at your fingertips. Are you having your supplier records and clients records available without having to spend more by hiring more staff to manage your records?

Is managing your records cost effective or are you having sleepless nights trying to figure out where you placed documents which might be required urgently.

You can never miss document solutions to help you sort out your challenges. To be able to be ahead of your competitors your clients and suppliers would be served with efficiency and real time given that you are able to access documentation when you need it by search and click.

Construction document solutions

Document scanning(backlog scanning)

Piled paperwork in the construction industry of paper documents leads to misplaced or lost documents when required leading to either printing or recreating similar documents. This leads to an increase in incurred costs.

We will always be there for you to support you in sorting, categorizing and aligning your documentation process department by department. Documents that are damaged and are in poor conditions will be handled with care with the torn ones being repaired.

We will have a discussion with you on how you want your digital documents stored as this is determined by the size of the business. You can either have the documents stored in a hard drive, on cloud or using an electronic document management system (EDMS) of your choice.

If you already have a system in place and would like to have your paper documents converted and inputted into your system, we will be able to walk with you throughout the digitization process by ensuring that the process adheres to your document management policy. We will ensure the documents are batched in the right way and your choice of fields inserted correctly.

Backlog scanning will be done in a systematic process to ensure that all data is correctly inserted into the system and work with you within your defined timelines. Cadtech team can work both on site and off site.

We will ensure we put in the right number of personnel to speed up the process.

Secure digital storage

Why use the space for storing paper documents and yet you can either do away with that space or use it for more productive activities.

Then have your documents stored digitally in an easily accessible cloud storage. This also ensures your documents are secure and can be easily accessed by any other unauthorized user.Our Cadtech team can help you digitize your documents and have them digitally stored in a systematic and well organized manner.

Document confidential shredding

Do you have a retention period for your documents? When your paper documents have reached their retention period, the best way to dispose of your confidential documents is through shredding to minimize information leakage.

Though burning is legal in Kenya, The best way to ensure that all the information is destroyed is through shredding which will completely destroy all the information.

We are able to do this either on site or offsite by ensuring that strict confidential and secure means are adhered to. The shredded documents are then recycled for reuse.

A certificate of destruction is issued after project completion.

Technical prints

Turning Design concepts into reality in the construction industry

We support Architects, Engineers and Contractors in the design phase to convert their drawing designs into quality paper prints for Presentation, Approval purposes, Tendering and Site usage.

We produce large format prints for your entire project which will be either be Architectural, Electrical, Mechanical, Structural or as built drawings

We produce large format scanning which entails converting the paper prints (approved and not approved) into digital format in pdf, jpeg

We produce large format photocopying to a number of similar drawings

We produce large format Lamination to protect and strengthen the drawing or documents using film.

We produce direct Blue printing on blue paper for approval purposes and usage on site.

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