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6 Ways To Evaluate Whether You Really Need All The Documents You Are Storing.

6 ways to evaluate whether you really need all the documents you are storing

We keep lots of documents in the office and also in our homes with the belief that they will always be of use. You find that there are documents we have never even looked for in a number of years and yet they are occupying a lot of space in our workspace and home space. This applies not only to physical documents but also to the digital documents

How do we evaluate what is necessary and what is not necessary? Why are we keeping these documents in the first place?

  • Do they have historical value? These are documents that provide past information of the past.
  • The documents could be of importance or usefulness that it justifies their continuous preservation. This could be because of fiscal, legal, administrative or evidential information they have. These documents could be preserved in the original format for a long period of time. Examples Title deeds, logbooks, certificates e t c.
  • Are they copies of an original? There could be an original whereby a number of duplicate copies have been produced and kept.
  • How old are the documents and when were they last used or accessed?
  • Do they have a retention period?
  • Do they have active information or business information?

You might be keeping lots of documents that we really do not need.


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