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What is an audit trail?

What is an audit trail?

Document management I January 2022

An audit trail is a sequence of records that shows activity in the system by the users. They are tools for analyzing and reporting on managerial and operational processes. They can be manually or electronically managed. These records provide documentary evidence that can be used to track back all related transactions. The audit trail is also known as audit log or audit tracking.

Audit trail helps minimize fraud and unauthorized use of data. It is supposed to enhance the security of the data in circulation in an office. It includes details such as the date, time, and user information of the person associated with that transaction.

An audit trail is used in financial records, Human resource records, Healthcare, and insurance, and also legal records. It helps in managing the security of these records. Audit trails help in managing non-compliance and ensuring that everybody adheres to the set processes.


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