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4 Struggles we have with our documents in document management

What are the biggest questions we ask ourselves? How many of us struggle with lost documents? 

How many of us struggle with misplaced documents?

How many of us have struggled to look for particular documents for days?


These struggles happen in all the departments of a company, whether its accounts, whether its human resource, whether its operations, whether its customer service.

Whatever part of this process you are in, it is important for all of us because this is something that happens to all of us in our businesses. 

What are the 4 different struggles we go through in our workplaces that slows down our performance and productivity?

What are the struggles in our everyday tasks as we try to accomplish our daily objectives. And how we can avoid them?

the struggles in our everyday tasks as we try to accomplish our daily objectives. Is it possible to change?

1. Managing clients document

When dealing with clients, the customer service staff requests for copies of personal documents over and over again when clients apply for loans.

This happens…. because whenever they receive the paper or digital documents they keep them in their archives and nobody is usually willing to go back to the archives to look for them again because it is tedious and wastes a lot of time which could be used somewhere else.

The easiest option is to request clients to bring in other copies for the processing of their transactions.

This leads to accumulation of unnecessary duplicate documents. 

The way to eliminate this struggle is to have a central repository whereby every customer’s digitized documentation has been captured and stored in file folders.

Accessing them becomes easy for the authorized stakeholders who search by just a click of a button.

A document management system is necessary to manage this process.

2. Company policies

This occurs where in a company, there are policies in place where approvals of claims above a certain level can only be done by the CEO.

Most of the time the CEO’s are not in office. There are times when they might not be in town and even worse out of the country.

These would force the staff involved to advise their clients to wait for the CEO to come back, which depending on his assignment can take long.

These are instances which lead to client frustrations and disappointment.

The way to go about this is to come up with a streamlined process system where the CEO can be able to approve from wherever he is despite the distance, using his smartphone or tablet.

3. Documents managed are in paper format

This occurs where documents are produced either physically or digitally but are kept aside either in an óut tray for physical document or on the desktop for digital document for later storage.

Is this procrastination?

These can accumulate and cause clutter on the out tray or desktop becoming tedious to search or sort and store.

Storage is done manually and as you know people tend to avoid such kinds of tasks.

Searching for these documents when required can take hours and sometimes even days assuming they are not lost.

4. Document managed without labeling

This occur when the documents are not even labelled, and we always take it in our comfort zone that it is the way it has always been done here describing the office space and so we continue until a crisis like a legal issue occurs or Revenue man comes calling.

Then we realize the importance of having easy access to documents.

When you look back, what have you done differently in your work process? Have you ever thought that if you strategize and work on it things would be easier?Have you ever thought of having a proper document management system? This would be a good solution to save us from all these headaches

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