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Operating efficiently is crucial for your educational institution. This can get delayed due to reliance on paper documents.

Using paper documents in your admissions files, students medical records, transcripts, financial aid, tuition bills, accounting, curriculum development, contracts and employee records is part and parcel of an educational institution.

These documents handling is done manually and inefficiently. And yet these documents require preservation and managing.

Solution to your Academic document challenges

Digitizing your paper documents

Having your students and employees records scanned, captured and stored in a digital repository saves you the hurdles of document search.

Having all these documents preserved and managed as paper documents can be very stressful and time wasting. Not forgetting that they also occupy a very big space in your work space. Digitization can save you from all this pain.

Electronic document management system

Using paper documents when distributing application reviews can be tedious and time consuming. The applications are manually reviewed then physically transferred to another faculty for review.

Many copies of the application are made and distributed to the review team for comments. All feedback is received and comments merged on a specific application.

Using an electronic document management solution will eliminate all these hurdles. The digital files can be routed to the right faculty members in seconds to review. Notes can be associated with the application and administration alerted when all comments are received. With version control in an electronic document management system, management can track and audit distribution and the collection process.

Duplicating paper documents is eliminated. Electronic distribution is fast and losing documents is next to none.

Application, people and process is automated and managed.

Document disposal

Disposal of students’ transcripts and other records after reaching their retention period is necessary. And this can only be done in a secure and confidential manner.

Shredding the documents not only necessitates this but is also environmentally right.