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Therefore Electronic document management system



Create efficient work processes.

Eliminate slow, chaotic processes and difficulty in accessing correct information.

Secure your information

Keep your information safe, secure and confidential.Prevent unauthorized access, have your data backed up and disaster recovery enabled.

Store your data within a central digital repository, where only authorized users can access the system. Permissions on content are defined for individual users or user groups.

Authenticity of documents is verified every time they are retrieved.

Automatic backup storage to ensure that data is recovered in case of drive failure.

Security EDMS
Capture Therefore electronic document management solution

Capture paper and electronic information

Scan and index directly from scanning devices. You can automatically classify and extract data with advanced scanning solutions.

Manage Your information strategically

Collaborate with internal and external personnel. Track changes, assign tasks and process information. Integrate with any third party software.

Comply with legal and regulatory requirements with regard to confidentiality and document retention.

Therefore EDMS
Therefore Electronic document management system

Access, search and share information anytime from anywhere.

Share information within and outside the organization with the right stakeholders.

Automate Core business processes

Enable multiple people to work simultaneously on a process.

Automation of many tasks takes place in the background.

Automate Therefore EDMS
Analyze Therefore Electronic Document Management System

Analyze key performance indicators

Schedule reports to be automatically delivered at regular intervals.

Track your documents and user actions for compliance. Real time reports on your dashboard.

It’s flexible

on premise or in the cloud


simple and easy to learn


 start small and add incrementally as the business grows.

Therefore EDMS streamlines Core Business Processes in:

Human Resources Electronic document management system

Human Resources

Therefore Electronic document management system streamlines recruiting, onboarding processes, managing leave requests, keeping employees records secure and confidential. It eases retrieval of documents.

Customer service Electronic document management system

Customer Services

Therefore Electronic Document Management System groups customer documents into digital binders. This ensures customer information can be retrieved easily. Customers can be updated in real time on the status of their orders.

Operations Electronic document management system


Therefore Electronic Document Management System allows coordination among stakeholders regardless of the size of the organization. Analytic dashboard enables immediate reaction to changes in operations data.

Finance Electronic document management system


Therefore Electronic Document Management System optimizes invoice processing with workflows. Tracking of approvals, tracking of payment records and automates payroll. Therefore EDMS can be integrated with existing ERP software.

Manufacturing Electronic document management system


Therefore electronic document management system stores material certificates, SOPs and training records. It ensures these records are easily retrievable. Therefore EDMS automates product warranty registration. It also ensures all health and safety information is easily accessible.

Logistics Electronic document management system


Therefore electronic document management system streamlines customer invoicing and transport documentation. Complete audit tracking of documents can be done in real time.

Contract Electronic document management system

Contract management

Therefore electronic document management system automates notification of contracts approaching expiry dates. You can easily manage the processes of electronic signing of contracts.