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Our actions

We believe that nobody should be left behind in empowerment, yet the hype has been so much on the girl child and the boy child has been left out. Empowered girl child and an empowered boy child means a balanced family and a vibrant economy.

We approach this through intense mentorship and support for the boy child using the society’s role models with relation to their needs. This helps them to discover and exploit their inbuilt talents for their common good and the society as a whole.

We ensure that each and every boy child in our hands is accessible to a mentor to walk him through the talent discovery and to use it not only for his own good but economy as a whole.



This is done by sourcing and  bringing in role models from different fields to support the boys who are interested in their fields. This is to help them discover the depth and the needs in their specific fields and to discover the opportunities that they can exploit and work with.


Group Coaching

group coaching

Listening to the boys as they bring out the challenges that are discouraging them from getting opportunities to discover and exploit their talents.

Recreational activities

Recreational activities

Joining together in activities that will enhance teamwork and support each other.

Let each of us pick a boy child, listen to him, mentor him and guide him.

The boy child matters too.

Jacqueline Odhiambo, CEO Cadtech Services Ltd Kenya

Do good with us

One of the goals of Cadtech Services Ltd Kenya under Amolodocs foundation is to provide a platform for mentorship and coaching for young boys aged 13 years to 19 years in the informal settlements to enable them discover and exploit their talents for the social and economic good.

When you donate directly to the foundation, 100% of your contribution goes to the foundation for the benefit of the boys. Each and every contributor has a right to know where their contributions go by requesting transparency. For every contribution made an equivalent amount will be contributed by Cadtech services Ltd Kenya.

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