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Document storage?

Where is the document?

This is a common buzz word in most of the conversations that go on in the daily working ins of a company.

We will always refer to some documents despite the number of years a company has been in existence.

Even Jeff Bezos of Amazon still refers back to his initial letter to the shareholders in 1997 when writing yearly letters to them. (The

In which format could it be?

Which document format are you using at the moment?

Could it be in paper format?

Could it be in digital format?

How are you storing your documents?

Are you storing the documents offsite with a document storage provider?

Are you storing the documents in your working area (office)?

Are you storing your documents digitally in a system?


Offsite document storage is the storage of your documents in a physical facility that is not linked to a company.

Electronic document management system (EDMS) is a software system used for storing and organizing different types of digital documents.

 Onsite document storage is the storage of paper documents within the company in a designated area or within the working space.

Why documents?

In a Company, documents are a necessary tool for the smooth running of the business processes. 

As the years go by………………. .

The number of documents increases. Non productive space increases

The working space decreases. Productive space decreases

The company is expanding, more staff, more documents

The area occupied by documents increases. 

Why continue keeping your documents in the office?

Because that is the way you have always done it, thus not expensive in the short run.

Because you can access the documents any time they are required.

Because it is only the company staff who are handling the documents unlike offsite document storage.

Why not continue keeping your documents in the office?

Your important documents might be accessed by unauthorized staff.

Your documents might get lost or be misplaced.

Your documents might be damaged incase of fire, floods or rodents.

Your documents occupy a sizable portion of the office that can be used for other productive activities.

Why go for offsite storage?

Your documents are stored in a secure and safe space.

You are still able to access your documents.

You will get your office space back

Why not go for offsite storage?

Your documents are stored on monthly/yearly lease payments.

You cannot access your documents in real time.

You access your documents at an extra cost.

Your document might be misplaced.

Your documents are degradable.

Why go for electronic document management systems (EDMS)?

Your documents are secured away from natural disasters, fire.

You can only access your document with authorization.

You can access your documents anywhere anytime.

You can search for your documents quite easily.

Your documents occupy minimal space.

You can share your documents easily.


This will speed up your work process, if your decide to digitize and go paperless

Why not go for an Electronic document management system?

Initial costs can be expensive if the company is small.

Monthly/yearly subscriptions for cloud storage.

P.S.: Are your documents securely stored, to enable you to have peaceful sleep?

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