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Can confidential documents remain confidential ?

In almost every profession , whether it’s law or journalism, finance or medicine, academics or running a small business, people rely on confidential communication to do their jobs. We count on the space of trust that confidentiality provides. When someone breaches that trust, we are all worse off for it – Hillary Clinton

Confidential -Secret or private, offer in a formal, business, or military situation – Cambridge dictionary.


Why keep documents confidential?

Helps build employees and clients’ trust in your company.


Shredding paper cut size infographic

Breach of confidentiality

Can lead to fraud and harm to one’s reputation.

Can lead to compromise of privacy.

Can lead to identity theft.

Document shredding protects your disposed information from:

Being accessed by an unauthorized person.

Being used to harm your reputation.

Being accessed by fraudsters.

Ways of disposing your documents and their security levels

Cutting or tearing documents using scissors or hands.

Papers are large enough to be combined and reused.

Very unsafe for your confidential documents.

Burning of your documents.

Is safe if they are burnt completely

but how long will it take you to ensure they are completely burnt, hoping they will not have been blown away by wind.

Document shredding.

The paper cut size you select also matters.

Strip paper cut size

Not safe for your confidential documents, shredded paper can be put together and information accessed

Crosscut paper cut size

Is much safer. The paper size is much smaller and is tedious to put together thus much safer.

Micro cut paper size.

You will sleep peaceful knowing that there is no way your information can be accessed.

To top it up with shredded documents, it can be pulped and recycled.

For the environment

Scissor cut paper – Good for the environment. Can also be recycled and reused but your information is compromised.

Burnt paper – Bad for the environment through carbonation

Shredded paper– Best for the environment and can be recycled easily and reused.

Keep your documents secure and confidential, dispose your documents with security and confidentiality.

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