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6 Reasons why a Scanned Document is good in Pdf format



6 Reasons why a scanned document is good in pdf format

By Jacqueline Odhiambo I November 2021 I Technical Prints



When a document is scanned it can be saved in different formats jpeg, tiff, pdf, etc. But most people prefer pdf format and here we are going to get a glimpse of why pdf could be a good option.

🙂 Pdf can handle all sorts of documents in both text and images

🙂 Pdf does not damage the original image each time it is saved.

🙂 It preserves the layout of the content leaving different parts of the document open for editing.

🙂 In pdf the user can copy selected text and use it somewhere else.

🙂 It encapsulates a complete description of a fixed-layout document that includes the text, fonts,       raster images, and vector graphics that the document comprises.

🙂 Portable across operating environments. It can store metadata via a pdf information dictionary. It allows for more sophisticated XML-based metadata to be embedded in pdf files via XMP.

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