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Different Types of Document Binding

6 Different types of Document binding

November 2021, I Document binding I Print finishes

Binding is the process of putting together our work documents in a neat and organized manner. This reduces the incidences of losing parts of the documents and the ability to manage them efficiently. There are different ways you can bind your documents which is determined by their purpose and usage. These include

  • Wire Binding

This is where a wire coil is used to put together the document. It gives a very neat finishing which is good for presentations and proposals.

  • Plastic comb (Spiral) binding

This binder is a plastic coil that is used to put together a document. It tends to break with continuous usage. It is not as strong as the wire bind.

  • Tape binding

This binding type is mostly used for documents to minimize the removal of pages and the need to make copies of the document is minimal. A document is stitched together using staples or thread, then a tape is passed over it to cover the bindings and to give it a neat finish. Tape binding is mostly used in tender documents. This type of binding can also be used in very big documents.

  • Perfect binding

This type of binding is quite neat and professional and it is used for magazines and books. This kind of binding makes it hard to make copies.

  • Velo binding

This type of binding involves using two strips of plastic to hold a document. Heat is used to press the strips together making it hard to remove the pages. It gives a very neat finish

  • Saddle stitching

This type of binding is where a number of folded pages are nested together and stapled together in the center to give it a neat finish. It is a low cost though convenient for low page count.


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