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4 Reasons Why We Should Digitize Documents

4 Reasons why we should digitize documents

Document digitization is the process of transforming information that a computer cannot process into a format they can handle e.g. converting hand-written text into a digital format/analog recordings into digital format.

There are a number of reasons why we would go for document digitization.

  • Ease of access: – digitalized document reduces processing cost in terms of producing photocopies. After digitization data is stored and can be accessed from anywhere Cloud data warehousing (data storage)
  • Increased productivity:– less time is spent in searching for documents so low turnaround time
  • Cost reduction: – Not renting more space for paper storage, and security personnel. Less production of paper documents and reduced duplication of documents thus reduced purchase of paper.
  • Ease of storage and data processing:- depending on the industry different types of documents may need to be digitized for ease of data storage from claim forms for insurance companies, Loan application forms for SACCOs, banks, invoices, payments, financial reports for accounts, approved drawings for Architectural and Engineering, patient records for medical and many more.


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