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Brochures: Digital vs Print

Brochures: Digital vs Print

Corporate Brand I December 2021

Although both digital and printed brochures are both being used in this digital era. They all have their disadvantages and disadvantages.

Printed brochures

The printed brochure has the advantage of physical distribution at front desks, trade shows or events where one tends to meet with the target customer. They are given to the intended audience, who can always access them whenever they want to learn more about your products and services. They have a personal touch and there is an element of going the extra mile.

These brochures have a disadvantage because of the additional cost incurred for printing out. If a company wants to minimize its marketing budget, it might not be viable.

Digital brochures

Digital brochures can be distributed through digital platforms to reach a bigger audience. This defines a wider reach and you can also be able to know how many people have accessed the brochure via a call to action (CTA). The cost of production is low because there is no printing and distribution cost involved. It is also environmentally friendly because of no paper use. They are easily editable in case of changes.

Due to the high number of digital items being uploaded and received in our inbox and social media, The brochures get lost in the digital clutter making them inaccessible in the long run without a long and tedious search.

A blend of both would work for a business with the digital wide outreach and the printed having that personal touch when distributing to the target customer.


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