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Do Not Be Left Behind; Sustainable Document Destruction

By Hellen Lubanga

In recent years the number of companies joining the go green initiative is higher than ever before.  But what could be the cause of such a drastic spike?

In simple terms, the shift can be attributed to the increase in awareness among clientele on the impact of their current consumerism practices on the environment. This in turn has elevated the demand for more viable environmentally friendly alternatives, with consumers and companies investing more in sustainable practices or renewable options.

In order to satisfy this demand, going green is no longer a matter of personal preference but a necessity if a business wants to maintain its competitive edge in the market. It is no longer only about your service quality but your social responsibility as well. Practices such as the ban on single-use plastic or the reduction of paper-based processes in the office are only the beginning.

But where do we go from here?

Most companies already have a plan in place on how to most effectively use their resources with as little impact to their environment as possible. But more can still be done especially when it comes to document destruction.

It defeats the purpose of adopting sustainable practices only to make your efforts redundant by disposing of documents incorrectly. Not only is outsourcing document destruction more economical long term and safer, but it is better for the environment too!

1. Outsourcing of shredding services reduces stress on the landfills

Once destroyed, most shredded paper or hard drive pieces end up in dustbins, after which they get taken to garbage dumps. These cause an eyesore and can pose a security threat as the pieces can still be re-assembled. Furthermore, the paper takes weeks to decompose and makes up a large percentage of thrown-away waste, while plastic (such as those used in electronic gadgets) can stay intact for hundreds of years before completely decomposing.

When you entrust the document destruction process with experts, however, the shredded documents are further Broken down e.g. through pulping before being recycled and reused to make more paper.

This goes a long way when it comes to emptying the waste yards, and helping companies achieve their environmental conservation targets.

2. Reduced forest reduction

Every year thousands of hectares of Forest are torn down and destroyed in order to source material for paper production. Trees play a vital role in our day-to-day lives such as purification of the air, reducing soil erosion, oxygen production among other things. It, therefore, makes sense to reuse paper rather than cut down more trees. Shredding of your paper goes a long way as recycled paper will not only be used to make new paper but other products such as toilet paper and Styrofoam. Interestingly enough, when made from scratch Styrofoam production is quite toxic, however, when made from recycled paper the Styrofoam produced is eco-friendly and a much more sustainable option.

3. Recycled paper makes for great compost material

Due to its absorbent nature, and ability to retain moisture, shredded paper is the perfect material for composting. It also masks odors and reduces leaking, before it eventually breaks down to form mulch with is beneficial to the plants and soil.

Instead of sending your paper to some landfill that puts your security at risk and damages the environment, send your papers to environmentally conscious professional shredders today. Be a part of the solution by shredding and recycling your documents with us today while making both securities, ethical and economical strides.

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