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Answer To The Most Asked Questions About Document Shredding

By Hellen Lubanga

Frequently questions about document destruction and shredding are being asked as more and more companies are embracing it in waste management as they seek to become compliant with the newly introduced data protection laws.

Today we shall be answering the most asked questions we have received concerning document disposal. This article is to assist you with information that will help you make ethical and informed decisions when it comes to you and your company’s document destruction needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What do I need to do to prepare my documents for destruction?

Answer: The answer to this depends on what you choose to keep, and what you choose to destroy. If you would like to Re-use or hold onto your Binders, or plastic covers then we would advise setting them aside before document pick up to indicate that those are not intended for destruction. The same goes for paper clips, pins, and wiring. If you have no intention of retaining any of the above then all you have to do is put aside the documents scheduled for destruction.

2. What happens to my document’s remnants once the documents are destroyed?

 Answer: Once all the documents are shredded, the strips are further mixed together as an extra precaution and recycled.

3. How can I be sure that my highly sensitive data is safe with your company?

Answer: You will receive a Certificate of Destruction once the process is complete, so as to ensure that all sensitive documents are completely destroyed, according to the highest standards in the industry. As an extra precaution, however, a Non-disclosure agreement can be signed to ensure complete discretion.

4. What are the most advisable destruction methods for my documents?

Answer: Shredding is the safest and most cost-effective way to deal with paper waste.  We use crosscut shredders to ensure the paper is shredded into very tiny pieces. Most office or at home shredders use strip-cut shredders which produce thin strip-like pieces of paper which can be pieced together if someone is determined enough.

Burning or soaking the paper is not only damaging to the environment and illegal, there is no way to be sure or prove that the legal steps were taken to ensure that highly confidential data was truly destroyed.

5. Can an individual come on-site and use your shredders?

Answer: No. Unfortunately independent on-site shredding is not allowed as we do carry out shredding services for multiple individuals and organizations at a time. In a bid to ensure that your and their data remains confidential, we do not allow anyone who is not a certified and trained Cadtech Services Ltd staff member to come in contact with any of the documents being shredded.

6. Can I at least watch my documents being shredded?

Answer: Yes you can, however, this only applies to onsite shredding where we come to destroy the documents at your location before transporting them for recycling.

7. Do you offer scheduled pick-up, or is it strictly an on-need service?

Answer: Here at Cadtech services ltd we believe in helping you figure out what works best for you. One size doesn’t always fit all. We however do advise you to hold onto your documents till they are a sizable amount so it can be as cost-effective as possible on your end.

8. Do you offer Off-Site Document Destruction?

Answer: Yes we do. We have systems in place that allow the secure transportation of your documents to our premises where there destroyed under the watchful eyes of our destruction team.

9. When will I get my destruction certificate?

Answer: Certificates are issued as soon as the destruction process is complete and the documents are awaiting recycling.

10. Do you offer services for residential clients or Businesses?

Answer: We offer shredding services for both residential customers and businesses. We do however advise residential clients to work in bulk so that it can be cost-effective on their end. No need to spend the same amount on two documents that you would spend on 5Kgs of documents.

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