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Are you comfortable with your document disposal process?

“ Confidentiality is the cornerstone of our toolkit” Robert Blum

All companies whether corporate or SMEs  have documents that are highly confidential and require protection and high security in the way they are stored and also the way they are disposed of after their retention period is due. Though burning is legal in Kenya, It might not be the best way to dispose of your very confidential documents? Burning would not completely destroy your documents and information, and is also not environmentally sustainable. 

Document shredding would be another preferred way of disposing your confidential documents. 

Is your confidential information safe with document shredding?

Document shredding would be the most appropriate and this is determined by the choice of paper shredder you opt for. Different shredders have  different types of shredded paper cuts.

How can you differentiate?

The differentiation is determined by the type of paper cut. The more intense the paper cut the most appropriate it is for your confidential documents. There are three different types of shredded paper cuts.

Types of shredded paper cuts

Strip cut shredded paper

Strip cut shredded paper

Strip cut paper shredder breaks your documents into ribbon like strips. This kind of shredding does not completely hide your information. If somebody is interested in your information and is patient enough, they can place together the strips enabling them to extract your information.

Strip cut shredder is basically used for shredding documents which are not confidential. The security level is low.

Cross cut shredded paper

cross cur shredded paper

Cross cut shredder breaks  the paper  into diamond shaped sizes making it difficult to place together. Cross cut shredding is better than the strip cut and is more finer. Cross cut shredding machine is used for shredding sensitive documents.

Micro cut shredded paper

Micro cut shredded paper

With micro cut shredders the paper cut is more fine and dust-like. Micro cut shredder is more advanced than a cross cut shredder. It  is the best option for top security and highly confidential documents.


Would it be better to go for strip cut shredder, cross cut shredder or micro cut shredder? It all depends on your needs. The importance of the information to your business and your needs for its security. This will determine the shredder to opt for.

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